Sunday, March 21, 2010

March in brief

So much is going on and I've been overwhelmed (probably my most overused phrase) which is why I haven't posted in almost a month. So here is an idea of some of things we've done:

* I started a beekeeper class in February with Ron, my father-in-law

* Connor has been flying through his school work, eagerly completing his daily workload and then some. I think we'll wrap up our semester by mid-April (with the except of our ASL (American Sign Language) classes that will continue through the first week of May).

* The weather has been awesome the past two weeks so we've spent a lot of time outside, cleaning up from the snow, cleaning up from a puppy visitor we had, taking down our broken trampoline, the list goes on and on.

* Planning our garden---deciding what to plant and where to plant it then ordering our seeds and plants.

* A visit to my parents, which included our first trip to Brushy Mountain, a beekeeping supplier.

* At our beekeeping class we learned to assemble a hive by hands-on construction. After constructing a hive, they raffled it off and we won!!! I knew then, the bees were calling to me.

* After winning the hive, I became obsessed with getting bees. I visited Brushy Mountain, I made a bee jacket and a veil myself(!!!) and found a home for the hive (Jane, my mother-in-law is highly opposed to having bees so our yard is out of the question). My dear friend, Amy, also a beekeeper, started her hive last year and invited us to place out hive at her home. We went to help Amy work her hive yesterday and it was so awesome! I was filled with excitement all day and felt so at-home with the bees flying all around me.

* I started exercising again, my honey made a place for me to do TaeBo in the shed (I've not been able to exercise since last September when I developed asthma). I've found that I feel so much better after exercising, but I spend the remainder of the day wheezing.

* Chase has had another asthma flare up. Saturday morning we were at the park having a grand time, then naptime came. I put him down for his nap, left for a baby shower and when I came back he was on the nebulizer and Al felt we needed to go to the ER. It hit so quick, it was kind of scary. Thank God for our dear friend, Dr John who verbally walked me through Chase's care so we did not have to go to the hospital, again.

I have lots on the horizon, especially with my bees arriving in a couple of weeks, planting and tending the garden and wrapping up our semester. Hopefully I can snag a few minutes to write down a few highlights, but if you don't hear from us, we're enjoying the sun and digging in the soil :)