Monday, October 11, 2010

Farewell to an Amazing Man

My friend, Stan, for whom I told you about a few months ago has passed on to be with his Heavenly Father. You may read about it on the Magic Quilt site.
Stan and Lila have been such an inspiration to me in the 7 years I've known them. They have the most beautiful relationship and are truly best friends. My heart goes out to Lila as I know this is such a difficult time for her, but I am once again inspired by her strength, love and dedication to her husband. When she had hoped that Stan would slow down, stop working and just care for himself, she continued to support him as he went to work each day because that was what Stan wanted to do.

I've had met many inspirational couples through the church I attend, but Stan and Lila are the two people I that hope Al and I can become most like.

I am about to leave for Stan's heart is heavy, but as my husband and I just reinforced a lesson on Forever Families with our children, my heart is also full of joy with the knowledge we have of temple work and the opportunity we have to bind ourselves together here on earth so that we might be together again in heaven.