Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Our Newest Addition

No, we're not having another baby....but this one sure felt like it took forever to birth, like a baby :)

We spent 4 days putting together this backyard monster, but it was worth it. the kids are loving it! We've not completed all the landscaping around it, but you can get the idea from the picture.

Here are some other outdoor projects I've been working on. We added a border around the house so I can plant there and hopefully keep the kids and dog out

We added another boarder by the raspberries and currant bush. Added in some bird feeders and generally cleaned up the area.

I added 2 blueberry bushes, in a protected area so the lawn guys don't mow them down this year.

And here are some strawberries that I planted in a tub. I also have one of those topsy turvy strawberry planters with 30 plants in it.

I also added two rose bushes but forgot to get a picture of those. Now if I could just get the garden area tilled then I can start planting there!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter 2010

Lillee (5 yrs old) was outside playing with the neighborhood kids when a spontaneous egg hunt began. Since she was in a dress and didn't have her basket she had nowhere to put eggs.

Where do you think she put them?
Made a pouch out of her dress?


She stuffed them in her panties. When I saw her, she was lifting her dress to her navel showing the 10 year old neighbor boy what she had done. I drug her in quickly, scolded her and made her change clothes. Her response was, "But mommy, I was just showing him where my eggs were." I told my husband, one day I'll laugh at that line...but right now, that's not happening.