Friday, January 2, 2009

Want to meet my famous sister-in-law?

My sister-in-law, Laura, is the featured Mom of the Month for the February 2009 issue of Family Fun Magazine. If you don't subscribe to Family Fun you can see the article here. Laura is so energetic and full of fun ideas, she's the perfect candidate for mom of the month and even mom of the year! Be sure to follow the link to her website and to the fitness challenge she uses for her family.


Mom/Alisa said...


How cool is that! Your sister-in-law seems quite amazing. That's also a very pretty picture of her, too. I bet everyone is so proud of her.


SWIRL said...

awe.. .{blush blush} Thanks Amanda.

SWIRL said...

You lied! You said you were going to blog after breastfeeding on my site!!

well- I guess you might have meant.. you'll blog again in a year?? when your baby isn't breastfeeding anymore?

{tee hee...} HOpe not!
That is too long!

SWIRL said...

hope chase is doing better!
Mom called and told me..
poor little guy!