Thursday, May 21, 2009

How close does one have to be for fame to matter?

When I was in college, which seems like decades ago (well, it has been over a decade), I spent a lot of time trolling around the world wide web. The internet was just catching on and I was a bored college kid looking to fill some empty space in my life. I stumbled into a "chat room" one day and found it was kind fo fun talking to people from all over the world. I became an addict for awhile, but it lead me to some really interesting friendships.

One of those friendships was with a poet. We had wonderful late-night chats about nothing in particular, just sort of exploring words and my friend would put these simple thoughts and words together to make beautiful poems. So poignant, so simple and yet the images conjured by the words were so vivid. I thoroughly enjoyed our chats and then after college when I went home where there was no computer and few people in the county had internet access, I lost touch with my friend.
Recently, I was thinking of his poetry and looked him up...he's done a lot in the last 12-13 years since we last spoke. I emailed him and we reconnected. Of course, like any well connected person on the net, he was on facebook so we became friends.
As I'm thumbing through his facebook to see what his interests are these days I noticed a message sent to him from Michael Buble. I thought, "Surely not THE Michael Buble." There was no identifying aspects in his remarks however the facebook picture happens to be the same as a photo from the website of this famed musician.
Well, I could not resist I had to inquire...was this THE Michael Buble commenting on my friend's facebook? The response is, "Yes!!!"
I know someone who knows Michael Buble, not just knows Michael Buble but knows him well enough that Michael Buble comments on his facebook without soliciting a response! How cool is that?!?! And how close does that put me to fame?
Ok, maybe it's not a picture of me with Michael Buble like my friend Crash got with Jack Johnson, and my daughter did not get serenaded by Jack Johnson and I absolutely do not have pictures of him in his underwear like Crash has of Jack Johnson. But by golly, I have a friend whom I've never met in person and haven't spoken to in 12 years who knows Michael Buble personally and that has to count for something, right? :)
I am not serious about any of this, other than my friend does really know Michael Buble and my friend is a talented poet and writer...I just felt a need to try to be a bit funny when nothing too exciting has been going lately :)

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