Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I don't say enough about Isabel

Maybe it's because she's do know what I mean by 3, right? She went from being the sweetest most easy-going child to fits of crying over the slightest thing in less than a year! For example, the other day I said, "Isabel, go potty please." Her response was to throw herself on the floor and wail loudly while sucking her thumb and emphatically stating, "But I'm not tired!!!" She thought I was telling her to go potty because she was going to bed. It was middle of the afternoon, after having her nap already.

As you may know, Isabel has some speech issues. They're not really issues she's just a lazy speaker and who could blame her having Lillee as an older sister...Lillee never shuts up! Isabel pronounces a lot of her words beginning with the sound of h. For example, one morning she ran into the kitchen to announce, "Its hairy, hairy, hold!" Which translate to, "Its very, very cold." Or another favorite, "The hun is up!" Which translates to, "The sun is up!" which is her announcement to get Al and I out of bed in the morning.

Lately, Isabel has developed an imaginary friend. I think Isabel is the only child of mine thus far to have an imaginary friend for more than a day or two. Isabel has had her friend for several weeks now. The imaginary friend is named no monster which translates to snow monster. I'm not sure where snow monster came from. They have, in the past, watched Scooby Doo and there was a snow monster of some sort in one of the episodes but he wasn't called exactly snow monster. Anyway, with her speech issues its quite funny to hear her talk about no monster.

We were driving the other day when Isabel decided to 'whistle' a song. Now she can't whistle so instead she attempts this very high pitched singing of sorts. Think song of the siren gone really bad! While driving to the pool one day she started whistling and I asked her to stop...I can only take so much of it. She stopped and then promptly added, "My hend no monster taught me that hong." Translated, "My friend snow monster taught me that song." I am amazed at how much her hend no monster has taught her and all the plaes he lives. He has a new home everytime we go out!

I don't mean to poke fun at her and hope that in 10 years when she reads this she'll have an awesome sense of humor and laugh at the memory. I love Bel immensely and could not imagine my life without her sweet nature and infectious smile. She brings so much happiness to our family, through laughter and her wonderful hugs!


Sarah said...

My nephew Eric has imaginary sisters which he has had for awhile, but they are quite creative to me! One is named Sarah and she is from England. Then there are the twins, Daisy and Daisy, who if I remember right, have another family they visit as well.

Its great to write down these memories, not only will they enjoy having these to refer to as they get older but also when they are parents!

SWIRL said...

Amanda- that is so cool! I love hearing about the kidd-o's .

I love reading stories about them! With so many siblings- who has time for imaginary friends!