Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Where we've been

It's been 7 weeks since I last blogged. You may be wondering what have we been doing in the past 7 weeks. We've been sleep deprived, hacking, coughing, sneezing, with runny noses and bad moods for 7 weeks.

The baby and I got sick on September 13th and we've not been well since. I keep thinking I'm getting better then I get something else or it comes back around and I get another turn with it. I went to the Dr yesterday and he's put me on an inhaler (never used one of those before), another round of antibiotics, Claritin and more BP meds. I don't think I've ever turned in 4 prescriptions at the pharmacy at one time.

Hopefully we're on the road to recovery....just in time to get another bug.

Here is Chase's newest accomplishment


erinmalia said...

here's wishing all of you health! man, seven weeks is more than anyone should have for an entire year.

MandM Embley said...

My favorite part is when Connor gets so excited that Chase is standing! Cute video.