Friday, April 3, 2009


Late last summer I was looking for a dresser solution for the kids as they have lots of clothes but their dresser took up so much floor space they barely had room to play. So I was tooling around on craigslist one Friday night looking for a solution when I came across a yard sale advertisement offering 2 dressers and a toddler bed for $60! Al and I headed out early Saturday to get the dressers. They were really cute...white with soft, pastel knobs in multiple colors.

Little did I know that they were not only cheap in price, but also in construction. They quickly started falling apart under the abuse of a 3 & 4 year old. Drawers started breaking, rails were was sad. So we got rid of the first dresser, a tall 5-drawer dresser, but I snagged the knobs off of it because they were cute and I was certain I could use them on another dresser.

Then dresser #2 started falling apart. I was really upset to get rid of this one, I held onto it for nearly a month thinking we could fix it somehow. I knew we wouldn't fix it, though. So I decided to pull the face of each drawer off and use them to fix another storage problem!

The kids have so many light jackets, hoodies and bags, I figured we could make a place for them to hang things on the wall. We added 4 knobs to each drawer piece and I painted on them. Connor's isn't finished yet and we're waiting on my husband to bring a drill home to attach them to the walls. I'll add more pictures when they're on the wall, but here is what they look like

And as a bonus, I was able to tie in a lesson on recycling!!
We also pulled off some other pieces of the dresser and will be using those to glue on clothes pins and attach to their bedroom walls for hanging art work. Our refrigeratore is not big enough to hold all the coloring and painting sheets of 3 little ones :) This way it's in their room for them to enjoy and manage, instead of me deciding which ones are worth keeping on the fridge! I'll get pictures of those up soon, too. We've painted our clothes pins, we just need to get them attached to the board and on the wall.

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Mom/Alisa said...

Oh my gosh! You just keep proving how talented & innovative you are - can you pass some of that this way, please! Oh yeah, I also need a bit of motivation, too please! ;)