Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Skateboarding 101

So I talked to Connor about participating in a skateboarding clinic as I'm trying to get him interested in some kind of sport, other than swimming. Not that I don't want him to swim because I really do! I would just like for him to have a sport he enjoys that doesn't require me to pack up the family and a ton of gear to go and do. He has shown some interest in skating as he has watched some videos on the internet with Al of extreme skateboarding.

Connor was SUPER excited and wanted to know when he could start classes. I explained that I needed to talk it over with Daddy and discuss the expense because we would need to purchase equipment as well as pay for a class. Connor offered to purchase all his own equipment. I did not hesitate to take him up on the offer.

For those of you who don't know Al all that well, he was a dedicated skateboarder as a kid....he spent at least 10 hours a day skating. His parents built a half-pipe inside the house and it took up an entire room....just for him to skate. So Al has been waiting a long time for this day...he kept saying, "I want to get a board for me, too!" However, he refrained from purchasing a board for himself...he just borrowed Connor's :D

Here are some photos of the first lesson:


MnM Embley said...

Looks like he had a good time. I didn't know that Connor is a swimmer. I was a very dedicated swimmer all the way through high school. I'll look forward to hearing about the cool tricks he learns on that skateboard.

erinmalia said...

nice! looks like al is giving the lesson.

Daniel said...

I skated that in house half pipe with Al before. He made me drop in from his bedroom window. I was terrified. Good times.
Can't Connor just learn with Al down in the 7-11 parking lot? It worked well for me.

Stephanie Saunders said...

You're quite brave. I'm firm in the belief that boys and wheels should not go together... Nothing good comes out of it :)