Saturday, January 30, 2010

I love, I love my....

I made up this simple little song that I would sing to Lillee when she was a baby:

I love, I love my Lillee Bean, my Lillee Bean, my Lillee, Lillee, Lillee Bean.

When Bel was born 14 months later, the lyrics changed slightly from Lillee Bean to Belly Bear. Bel loves to hear me sing this, even at alomst 4 years old. Over the last 4 years, any time I start singing this, Isabel curls up in my arms, sucks her thumb and listens. As soon as I'm finished with the short song, Isabel chimes up, "Adin, Adin!" (translation, "Again, Again!")

Another thing I always want to remember about Bel is how much she loves to snuggle. Every night and during nap time when I put her to bed she asks, "Mommy, will you put my blanket on me."

"Yes, Bel" then I cover her and walk to the door where I turn around to tell the girls a last goodnight and switch the light off. At this point Isabel always says, "I'll come snuggle with you in the morning. In the middle!"

And she never forgets. She actually becomes quite mad if I'm up before her because that means she can't snuggle. She and Lillee also race to our room in the morning to see who can get the middle spot first. This often means our day starts with crying and fighting. So the girls are sent from the room and told to come back when they've stopped crying and arguing.

Fun times! These are the things my blog was meant for :)

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