Saturday, February 27, 2010

Mommy, today was a really good day.

That's what Lillee told me before she went to bed, tonight. She was referring to the fact that her day started with a mommy-Lillee outting to the bakery, the library and then Bizarre Bazaar. Then when we arrived home, she was thrilled to find out her cousin Max was over. She played with Max all afternoon until her other cousins Alice, Hannah and Emma arrived (well, Henry was here too but she doesn't care much for older boys, yet). She played, and played and played! Shared her Halloween candy (yes, she still has a bag of Halloween candy at the end of February) and played some more.

After everyone left we started into a furious frenzy of trying to get everyone bathed and church clothes laid out as we have to leave by 8:00am for church on Sundays. After getting clean, putting on her most comfortable pajamas and then brushing her hair, Grandma was waiting to read a book! This is when she announced, "Mommy, today was a really good day."

We have had a really awesome weekend! Our cousins have been visiting and all the kids have gotten along well and played so nice. We were excited for a chance to see the cousins, but we were really coming together to wish Uncle Andy, a farewell before he heads off next Sunday. In one week, Andy leaves for Louisianna for 3 months of training before he then heads off to Afghanistan for 7 months to train Afghans in the medical field. So this is it for 10 months.

We pray Andy and his family are blessed with comfort through the love of Heavenly Father in the coming months. Koryn is about to show us all what a strong woman she is...God bless her! I have the utmost respect for military service men and women and their spouses. And I am extremely grateful for their service to our country and as humanitarians around the world.

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