Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Our Valentine's Day

We had such a nice Valentine, this year.

I stopped off at the fabric store a few days before V Day and snagged V Day prints on sale for 75% off. I knew Connor wouldn't be interested in pink hearts so I also snagged some fleece at 65% off. I made pillolws for the girls...some nice comfy memory foam pillows. And Connor got a pair of Transformer fleece pajama pants. Al bought flowers for everyone, roses for me and yellow daffodils for the kids.

We made V Day cookies on Saturday so the kids took treats to their church teachers along with the extra daffodils and some corny monkey Valentine Cards.

After church, we had a nice nap time followed by games and a family activity planned by Lillee. She was so cute directing everyone. It went something like this, "Isabel, you'll do the song. Daddy, you'll do the scripture. Mommy, you'll do the talk. I'll do the prayer. And Connor, you'll do the silly dance. Then I'll hide all the prizes and we'll all go together to find them."

Lillee took stuffed animals and other trinkets from her room and hid them, then directed us where to find them. It was a really fun evening and I love that when our kids think of fun family activities that it includes prayer, talks and scriptures :)

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