Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter 2010

Lillee (5 yrs old) was outside playing with the neighborhood kids when a spontaneous egg hunt began. Since she was in a dress and didn't have her basket she had nowhere to put eggs.

Where do you think she put them?
Made a pouch out of her dress?


She stuffed them in her panties. When I saw her, she was lifting her dress to her navel showing the 10 year old neighbor boy what she had done. I drug her in quickly, scolded her and made her change clothes. Her response was, "But mommy, I was just showing him where my eggs were." I told my husband, one day I'll laugh at that line...but right now, that's not happening.


erinmalia said...

but i can laugh now and you won't be mad, right?! oh sweet lillee.

Spencer's Adventures said...

I'm sorry...I'm totally laughing at that line. Can't help it.