Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lillee's Wedding

I would have never thought that I would hear my 5 year old planning every detail of her wedding, but it has happened!

Lillee has been asked to be a flower girl this coming Saturday and as it gets closer and we fuss over her dress, her hair clip, how her hair will be put up, her shoes, etc then she's getting excited about all the hoopla. So tonight she announces, "I want Grandma Ros, Grandma (Jane), Mamaw and Mommy to be flower girls at my wedding." Can you picture it?!?!

So that's where the planning began and I had to furiously take notes because I did not want to miss a word of this future soiree. Lillee was so animated, talking non-stop (this is nothing new for Lillee), and planning every single little detail! She was seriously excited and completely serious about it all.

The flower girls (the above mentioned ladies) will make crowns, they can be all different colors and we'll draw them with pencils or paints and cut them (I love that this is how my daughter thinks of crowns). And then Lillee said she would tell all of us to buy pretty shoes and pretty socks (because G'ma Jane just bought her pretty sandals and socks for her flower girl dress). And our dresses would be brown, Lillee's newest favorite color, with smiley faces all over them.

Lillee really hopes G'ma Ros doesn't have to work that day. G'ma Jane promised Lillee that G'ma Ros would not be working that day LOL For those of you who do not G'ma Ros, that is Jane's mother. I won't reveal her age, but I will say...she is Jane's mother, you can figure out the math, generally.

Then Lillee continues her planning...."When I get big, I'll buy a sewing machine and I'll sew big, giant roses to go on your (the flower girls') heads and all of your head will be covered, except your eyes and mouth. And I'll make the fabric go all the way to your feet so your legs are together like the stem and your arms will be leaves, sticking out like this (she says as she throws her arms out to the side). Your face will be all yellow, except your eyes and mouth, and your head can be any color you want."

I couldn't write any more without bursting out in laughter and Lillee does not take well to being laughed at. So I told her what a wonderful idea it all was and she needed to get to bed. I know she's in there right now with a million plans running through her mind and she can't wait til morning to jumped from her bed to tell me all her plans. She's already scheduled for us to start making crowns in the morning :)

I love her! For all she drives me crazy, she is an amazing girl, such a nurturer, such a mother, so intune to the Spirit. I can't wait to see her grown, married with children, and planning every detail of everyone's lives. She's my Mini Me.


Jess, Andrew and Family said...

That is so funny! I can't believe how big your kids are getting- and I haven't even met Chase!

Edie Mindell said...

She is so cute and very funny at that.:-) I like it that she likes to plan ahead of time. In fact, way ahead of her future.:-) She's growing into a beautiful person.:-)