Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Random favorite pictures I haven't posted

This is a hodge podge of pictures I've been meaning to post

On June 19th, Lillee was in her first wedding as a flower girl. Unfortunately, the flower baskets did not arrive so Lillee walked down the aisle without scattering flowers, but she was very cute :) The other flower girl had to be carried down by her father.

Lillee had such a great time at the wedding and she thoroughly enjoyed the dancing! Here is Lillee dancing with the bride, Debbie.

and dancing without our friend Camilla

and dancing with our friend Jayson

And then there was the cake!!!

And I'm sure, by the look on Grampy's face, that he's teasing her about her cake...probably something along the lines of, "You can't eat ALL of that by yourself, can you?"

Lillee watching the bride and groom dance and wanting to be dancing

So they indulged her and invited the ring bearer to join in.

Lillee and I with her special rose that she carried around for 2 days.

Lillee and Debbie

These are the girls that Lillee had over for her Girl Party a couple weeks ago. This group of girls are so cute together. They're all in Sunday school together (CTR 5) and they have such a good time but church class is structured for learning and there is no play time. So I felt the girls needed some play time. They came over for snow cones, cupcakes, playtime and bracelet making.

Just a cute Chase picture.

Another cute Chase picture.

And another cute Chase picture.

My cute kids with awesome blue eyes.

A favorite one of Lillee.

I made Al a father's day tie from this picture of all the kids.

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