Thursday, December 16, 2010

Chase's 2nd Birthday

Chase is now 2! Here are some pictures from the happy celebration, including the birthday cake.

When your birthday is close to Christmas, you don't get birthday paper/bags, it is always Christmas stuff in our house. This was a gift from Connor. He cleaned out his men drawer and put them all into a bag for Chase. There were Star Wars figures, Rescue heroes, army guys...all sorts of men! Chase was very excited, but I think Connor was even more excited to be able to give a gift to Chase.

Some favorite gifts included a very loud imaginext dragon and wooden train engine.

Chase has been fascinated with choo choos lately so he got his very own train cake on a Rice Krispies track.

He was pretty excited! i don't think he ate any cake, but he loved picking off the m&m's

All the kids helped me decorate it.

Chase is certainly a handful, but he's also sooo much fun to have around. When he's happy, he's really happy and when he's not happy, he's unbearable!

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