Friday, October 3, 2008

Lego Meeting

We had our first official Lego League meeting this morning and it was a lot of fun! We've chosen to join the annual challenge so this year we will work on learning about climate and trying to figure out innovative ways to research, study and record climate as well as ways in which the climate is changing and positive effects we can have on it. So in January we'll compete in Maryland's Lego League Expo and compete with other teams on the same challenge.

We have 3 boys, ages 5-7 and we'll meet every 2 weeks between now and January to prepare for the challenge. Today I gave an introduction to weather and climate and we discussed 4 biomes (prairie, tundra, deciduous forest, desert). The boys then chose a biome to build a new tool or vehicle that can be used for research in that particular biome. There was a unanimous decision to do prairie...I was SHOCKED! No bickering nor arguing, simply agreeing with no mommy intervention.

The boys began to build. They wanted to create an airplane they could fly in with, then have wheels so they could use it as an all-terrain vehicle once landed. Although there was some problems with, "But I made that, he's destroying what I made" overall it was a success.

The boys were able to eventually work together and create a very cool vehicle for research in the prairies.

They even added on a propeller to the back for movement in water in case they needed to cross a stream.

I do think I'll need to consult Laura on how she works with multiple boys at once. I've only really worked with Connor...having to manage teaching multiple boys, keeping their interest and avoid hurting feelings is new territory for me.

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Laura said...

How Cool!
That sounds like alot of fun.

If I'm in charge of an activity with boys (be it Cub Scouts, Book Club, or birthday party... ) I always start with an energy activity. Something you can do- while you wait for everyone to come... but it also gets that BURST of excited enegry out.

So once everyone is there- you can start.. and everyone has some wiggles out. It seems like if they can get their poking and elbowing out of their system... they are able to focus on what I am teaching/presenting.

I think that sounds really great! I'm going to have to look into the Lego Challenge... my boys are getting back into legos. Growing up we had legos and loved building with them...

As a mother- all those little pieces and babies... were such a headache- but Heath is getting bigger now.. maybe we'll have to pull those out again.

love you guys!