Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lillee is 4!

Today, December 10th, is Lillee's birthday. Lillee is the type of kid that makes you want to laugh and cuddle her from being so cute or such a stinker that you can't even decide what to do with her because you're so frustrated.

Grandma Jane has set up Santa's workshop in the basement...she has her wrapping station and present s out as she's getting ready for Christmas. The kids don't normally go down stairs, but they've definitely been banished from the basement since the workshop has been set-up. Well yesterday, Lillee decided to follow Grandma downstairs and discovered Smurfette sitting on the wrapping table. Lillee was beside herself as she ADORES the smurfs. So the cat was out of the bag and she knew one of her presents...remember the statement about being a stinker?!?!

One of the first things Lillee said this morning, after she was reminded it was her birthday, she asked, "Can I have my Smurfette?" So Grandma retrieved Smurfette from the workshop. Lillee spent the morning dancing around the living room making a birthday song out of everything she did; it felt like we were in a musical.

Fortunately, my mother had wonderful forethought and decided to order a cake from the local grocery while they were in town for Thanksgiving. She knew I would not be up to making a cake, like I did last year...Lillee still talks about her princess cake from last year! She's actually been plotting and planning her cake for this year, but I've been noncommittal as I knew we'd have a new baby.

You can see that Lillee really enjoyed the cake, especially the purple icing!

Then the presents came...Barbie ended up being the theme. She received a Barbie house and accessories including a new Barbie doll from Mamaw & Papaw. Lillee has spent the entire afternoon AND evening sitting at our table playing with this...what a great present!!! However, there has been some arguing and bickering as all the kids want to play, including Connor (don't tell Al!). However, Connor did find some other ways to entertain himself, using the box the presents came in:

This was while he was watching the new DVD Lillee got, entitled Barbie, A Christmas Carol. Once again, don't tell Al!

All in all, it's been a fun day and I think Lillee had a great birthday!

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Ryan said...

I can't believe Lilee is already four!! Happy Birthday!