Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Amanda's got her groove back!

2 months ago I took the kids and went to DC to see a train display at the Botanical Gardens. You may remember reading my rant about the trip. Well, I did it again...I planned another trip to DC with the kids. After reading my rant post you may wonder what kind of meds I've been on to consider doing this again....this time I even went by myself! But to my surprise, and I'm sure your's as well, this was the most perfect trip ever!

I had heard there would be a Pachyderm Parade on St Patrick's Day this year. The parade is a DC tradition where the elephants, horses, ring master and clowns are paraded through the streets of DC to announce that the Ringling Bros Circle has arrived to the area. And since it was St Patrick's Day they had a bagpiper and a good amount of green.

Even though I was flying solo and took 4 kids on the metro during rush hour to stand on the sidewalks of DC for an undetermined amount of time to wait for elephants with a tentative schedule, things went really well! I think I may have had the best day I've ever had with my kids. When I woke yesterday morning, my first thought was NOT, "This will be the best day ever." I actually thought, "I wonder if I can get out of this, I'd much rather be in bed. What have I done to myself, why do I continue to be so ambitious?"

Here are a few pictures of the elphants on the streets of Washington, DC.

It's hard to see but here are the elephants with front foot raised and one is waving the flag of Ireland being held in his trunk.

That's Union Station in the background


erinmalia said...

i'll say it impressed.

Julia said...

What a fun family outing. I bet the kids will remember this one.

I totally relate to you when you said that you wonder why you do this to yourself. I too can get awefully ambitious with my kids--so much so that I wear myself out. In the end though, I think that it's all worth it. I really like to expose my kids to a variety of activities and cultural events.

I'm glad that it was such an amazing day for you guys. You go girl for conquering the metro and busy DC flying solo with 4 in tow! You're amazing!