Friday, March 13, 2009

Snuggle Bug

Since Lillee was a small baby she has always been an awesome snuggler. She cuddles right into you and stays perfectly still for hours. Unlike Connor and Isabel who can't sit still for more than 1-2 minutes...they can't snuggle at all!
Every morning Lillee comes to our bedroom and hops in bed on Al's side to snuggle with him...he calls her snuggle bug and she loves the pet name, it makes her feel special and different which is really important as a middle child.
Lately, Lillee has been deprived of her morning snuggles. With Al being sick for a week he did not want the kids in bed with him. Then as soon as he was well he started a new project and was leaving the house by 6:15am and the kids weren't out of bed at that time. Several mornings this week Lillee has darted off to my bedroom in hopes to find daddy still in bed. She's been really disappointed that he was already off to work and she could not have her snuggles.
Last night, I told Al he would have to sleep in on Saturday so she can get some snuggles. He sadly stated he was working Saturday too and Lillee would have to wait until Sunday. Shortly after making this statement he told me, "I'll start work around 10:00am on Saturday." After thinking of Lillee missing her snuggles he decided to adjust his schedule to work in some snuggle time with his Beanie.
I love that man!

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erinmalia said...

yep, he's a keeper!