Friday, March 20, 2009

simple directions

Al has one guy who works for him that he really likes, but the guy tends to be flakey at times; usually when there is a major deadline. Al's current client is remodeling a bathroom to get ready for their son to recooperate in their home after surgery. They've been pushing hard to get this bathroom completed in a short time. Two days ago, Al found out the surgery had been pushed forward by 2 days...this means the one day he was ahead of schedule now makes him only one day behind schedule. Al isn't expected to work miracles and his client is grateful he's working so hard to accomodate their needs. So the family headed to the hospital at 5am this morning for the surgery. At 7am, Al went to pick up his worker only to discover he wasn't home and he had turned off his phone.

Al is mad!!! He asked for me to place an ad to try to find a quick replacement because he needs to complete the bathroom. So I placed an ad with some very simple instructions:

Looking to hire a helper immediaitely, if you would like to start today, let us know!

Must haves:

Speak clear English
Driver's License
Legal to work in the US
General residential remodeling experience

No resume is necessary. However, you must be able to demonstrate your work experience if you expect a call back! Please email your work experience and a phone number that you can be reached at. If the above information is provided you can expect a quick response. We're currently working 6 days a week in Germantown. Pay is based on experience and expect decent pay as we appreciate good workers. Please use this email address:; emails not sent to this address or not including the above information will be ignored.

Pretty straight forward, right? Obviously not to 90% of the respondents. The ad was placed under MY email address which is why I specified a different address in the body of the ad. I wanted to see who could follow directions. For those who did actually get the right email (which was about 50%), they sent things like:

"I qualify, this is my bread and butter, call me!"

"I have what you're looking for." no phone number provided, though.

Come on!!! If you're seriously looking for a job, don't you think it is worth following some simple instructions? I think out of about 20 responses at this point, I've only received 2 that actually followed instructions but unfortunately are not as qualified as the ones who can't seem to follow directions.

Sorry, I just needed to vent a bit. I get seriously bent out of shape over the stupidity of other people. I should just say a prayer for them and not let it bother me, but what a waste of my time to filter through all these emails. I am so glad I'm no longer in management, I'm not sure I have the patience for it these days.

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erinmalia said...

how frusrating. although i have to say, kinda funny. maybe it will be in a couple of weeks to you too. hope so!