Sunday, December 13, 2009

Have you ever...

taken a 6 year old boy to The Nutcracker? Let me make a suggestion.


Jane took 5 of her grand kids and I to see The Nutcracker at a local theatre. Now keep in mind, this is not the New York City Ballet by any means...far, far, FAR from it. The adult male performers were well into their senior years with the exception of one man who had a young family so probably in his 30's.

The first Act wasn't so bad, it went quick, the kids were still fresh and after the 1st act there was a 20 minute intermission so we were able to go to the foyer to get snacks. This entertained the kids enough to get us into the 2nd act. However, by the end of the 2nd act, Connor was disappointed to learn that the entire show was ballet...the entire show! He was miserable. We did not go out for the 2nd intermission so for 20 minutes we listened to Connor moan and groan about how much he hated ballet, how miserable he was. 20 minutes, I tell you! Not one second short of 20 minutes!

At the end of the 3rd act I suggested that we had one more intermission and one more act and was he ready for more ballet. He screwed up his faced, then raised his eyes and screamed, "WHAT?" We all got a good chuckle at Connor's expense and exited the theatre with him in a somewhat better mood.

Isabel did a good job sitting still and enjoying the show. She would get excited and call from her seat, "Look, look!" Lillee loved it and being a normal 5 year old girl, talked through the entire thing.

The day was pretty hectic as Al was suppose to watch the baby so I could go with the 3 older kids but he had a call to work. Which was a blessing as work has been slow this time of year so he had to take it. But that left me with less than 24 hours to find a babysitter on Saturday afternoon. As a last resort, Jane offered Ron the option to take my ticket or watch the baby and he responded, "That's an easy decision, I'll watch the baby." HA! I think Ron and Connor have similar feelings about ballet.

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Jess, Andrew and Family said...

That is awesome! I wonder if my boys would like the ballet...
They have some pretty cool shows at a theater in Baltimore that Andrew's parents have taken the kids to. They are geared to kids, so they are short and entertaining. One I think had the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra playing and Cirque du soleil gymnasts performing crazy things- they loved it!