Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas decorating

We decided to get a Christmas tree on Lillee's birthday and after the birthday festivities we started decorating the Christmas tree. You can compare how the kids have grown by looking at my blog post about decorating the tree from last year

Lillee adds the first ornament, an angel.

Connor and Lillee worked hard on decorating the tree. Isabel enjoyed that Lillee was not playing with Strawberry Shortcake and decided it would be more fun to play with the new toy than to decorate the tree.

Isabel did come over to put the star on, though.

We had to give both girls a chance to put the star on so Bel went first then we took it off and repeated with Lillee.

Even Chase jumped in there....

Wait, he's not decorating that tree he's undecorating it!

These are the ornaments that Chase captured and scattered across the floor.

After we finished decorating Chase started undecorating, again.

And after the older kids went to bed, Chase raided the tree again and decided he was ready for bed. If you look close, there is a gingerbread boy at his foot and a candy cane in his hand. What a sweet way to fall asleep :)

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