Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Service with a smile, Part II

(OK our cookies weren't this cute, but I needed a visual!)

Our 1st day of service went well. We actually delivered sugar cookies to two people!

Connor was actually listening in sacrament a few weeks ago when one of the young men gave a talk. I don't know what struck Connor, but since that talk he's been very impressed with the boy. Connor sort of follows him around at church. Fortunately, the kid is really nice and tolerates the adoration well. When I asked Connor who he wanted to do a service for his first response was, "Anthony." So we packaged up some cookies and drove out to Anthony's house to deliver them.

Connor was so stinkin' cute! In complete Tigger style, he bounced to the front door with cookies and a handmade card and rang the doorbell. I could see his face beaming from excitement. Anthony answered the door and Connor presented his gift. He chatted with Anthony for a minute and then said goodbye. He nearly ran into the bushes when he bolted back to the car with the biggest grin!

I think Connor gets it! He felt the true joy in doing something nice for someone else without having a reason for doing. Our scripture study last night was about the Good Samaritan and how we should be good to our neighbors, even when we feel busy or feel we have nothing to offer.

Today we're baking cinnamon rolls!

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