Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First Day of School

This title might be a bit misleading as we started school 1.5 months ago. The title indicates that today was the first day of school for public-school-goers here in Montgomery County. This was an interesting day for us...

Al and I had a conversation last week about Connor would have started school this week if we chose to put him in public school. My first thought was, it would be so quiet at home if he weren't there. A lot of parents find this to be a "perk" of public school, but I find it to be exactly opposite. I love having all my kids around, all the time. I learn as much, and some days more, than they do :)

So we celebrated the first day of school by joining a local homeschool support group at a public park for a fun playdate. There were so many families of all ages, colors, religions and disciplines. All the kids were social, played nicely and really looked out for one another. I would guess there were 40-50 kids total with a large group of older kids. Al was able to drop by for awhile and all of us, adults and children, had a wonderful time! We found new friends, support and worked out a lot of energy.

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Daniel said...

I'm so glad to see that you've started a blog. I often think about you guys and would love the chance to check in from time to time. Due to a long list of inexcusable excuses, there never seems to be opportunity or time. I look forward to the coming posts. I also need to see pictures. If you ever need to see any examples of blogs that over do it with pictures of people’s kids, or kid, for us, be sure to pop in and check our blog out.