Thursday, August 28, 2008

Playing in the Rain

We've been needing rain for our tomato, raspberry and pumpkin plants (well, it saved me from walking through the mosquito-infested backyard to water them with the garden hose). Today we received the blessed rain!

Lillee was standing at the front door staring out at the rain when Al came up behind her, squatted down and had a little chat with her. As he gazed through the glass he remembered having fun playing in the rain as a kid. When I look out the glass, I think of how nice it is to be inside...warm, dry, not making a mess. Al and I definitely came from different worlds!

This is a picture of Connor a couple of years ago. It had been pouring rain and Connor was so hopeful to go out in the rain and I was not excited about the prospect so this is where he ended up. Now, denying him playing outside did produce one of my all-time favorite pictures of Connor.

Today, as I was heading out the door for a Dr appointment, Al was putting the girls in swimsuits and encouraging Connor to get his suit on. The girls were dancing on the porch in the pouring rain and Connor was cringing and bolting for the door for a dry shelter.

When I returned home everyone was clean, dry and happy as can be. Here is what Al had to share with me:

Connor changed his clothes and joined the girls for a 30 minute romp in the rain...if you look cloesly, you'll see our kids are sitting in the street in front of the house where the water rushes down the hill.

Someone drove by and yelled to them saying, "You are having too much fun for a school day." Al responded, "This is school." While Connor proceeded to inform the driver that, "We're homeschooled!"

Fortunately, our children have a father who remembers having fun as a kid and never truly grew up himself. While I see messy kids, wet clothes, more laundry to wash and wet carpet, Al sees an opportunity to love life, enjoy nature and be spontaneous. We truly balance one another and I'm so grateful to have Al to bring such fun to life!

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Daniel said...

Did I mention how happy I am that you have started this blog? Your kids are beautiful and I can't stop thinking of all the fun times I had with Al at that house. He was a painful friend at times, but a loyal one always. Whether we were beating each other senseless with homemade dagga-gear in your basement, or trashing our skateboards at the Seven-Eleven on the corner, his zest for excitement and life was simply unquenchable. A day spent hanging out there was always fun and never without its cuts and bruises. I won’t even mention the time that we raided the Civic Center Mansion Christmas trees of as many candy canes as we could sneak out.
It's so cool to see what a great family you have. Katie and I would be more than pleased to see you guys any time, even if it’s only to meet at the McDonald’s for lunch on your way through town. Any time.