Friday, August 22, 2008

A visit with Grandma Ros

Grandma Ros (Allen's grandmother) invited the kids and I to visit her in DC for a swim and a picnic lunch at the duck pond. The kids have been waiting for days, each day asking, "Is today the day?" no further explanation was needed, was all knew which day they were referring to...the day we would visit Grandma Ros.

I woke this morning to Connor tearing into our room, jumping on the bed and screaming, "Today's the day!!!!!" Once again, we all knew exactly what he was refering to. We had planned to leave early, but not early enough for three excited kids. All morning I heard, 'Are we leaving yet?" We did eventually make our way out the door and headed to the metro (subway system in DC metro area) for a train ride to DC's waterfront where Grandma Ros lives.

Once we arrived, we hurried into swimsuits and headed to the pool where the weather was perfect, the sun was shining and the pool was empty. We grabbed a few noodles (pool flotation devices) and hit the water...after the customary 15 minutes ritual of slathering on sunscreen, of course. Each kid insisted on swimming with Grandma Ros...none cared for mother's arms when Grandma Ros was anywhere nearby. Connor had visions of transforming into Michael Phelps as he swam the width of the pool for the first time.

Our stomachs forced us from the pool as everyone was starving! So we quickly changed and headed to the duck pond park for a picnic and to share a few crumb with the ducks and pigeons. The base foundation for the playground was sand...Lillee was in heaven. If a speck of dirt can be found to play in, Lillee can find it and would be content to sit happily in a mudpuddle, rotten tree stump or any other pile that can ruin clothes and smudge every inch of exposed skin. All three had such a great time in the sand that I had to bathe them before we could ever think of getting back on the metro to head home.

All in all, a wonderful day for everyone...but I can't wait for bedtime, tonight! Although we had a great time, I'm exhausted...but that seems to be a normal state for me lately. Four more months until baby Chase is here and I'll experience a new form of exhaustion :)

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