Friday, August 29, 2008

What bringing it home is all about!

Ron came home from work this week with 3 of the largest squash I've ever seen (2 zucchini, 1 summer squash)...I mean these things were HUGE! Picture about 2 feet long and at least 6 inches in diameter. When squash gets this large it's typically a little too tough for cooking and eating so I like to use these for baking.

My husband hates anything nutritious. If it has wheat in it, he won't touch it....veggies, only the starchy veggies for him (well, I guess I have been able to get him to eat asparagus and Brussels sprouts and an occasional winter squash). Thursday night I was printing recipes and preparing for a morning of baking with the kids (home economics school day). When Al took the recipes off the printer I teased him about all the yummy baking I would be doing with the kids and couldn't he just taste the zucchini bread?!?!? I believe his response started with, "Bleh!" and ended with "Not a chance."

The kids and I were up early, had breakfast, got dressed, had our school opening exercises and moved right to the kitchen to make 2 loaves of zucchini bread, one choclate zucchini cake and a loaf of wheat bread. The kids were as patient as could be expected while we grated the zucchini and ground the wheat (yes, we grind our own wheat). I was not so patient with all the little hands in everything and grabbing for anything they could snatch off the counter. But we did get through it :)

Connor was not so sure about zucchini bread and "why can't me just make a regular chocolate cake, why does it have to have zucchini in it?" He sounded so much like his father...yes, it made me chuckle, too. When the bread came from the oven the girls and I were all over it! We were pushing one another to get at it. Connor and Al sort of hovered in the background waiting for reactions from the girls. I explained that zucchini bread is much like banana bread so Al ventured in for a taste. I could see the skepticism on his face, but he dove in for another bite. Before I knew it, he was slathering it in butter and ate three pieces. Connor also tried a piece and found he loved it!

I figured I wouldn't ruin it for Al by reminding him it was somewhat healthy for him with all the zucchini and I used fresh whole wheat flour!!! Some things are more enjoyable when you keep them to yourself :)

So we had polished off one loaf of zucchini bread, baked our chocolate zucchini cake and have our wheat bread baking AND a clean kitchen by 10:30am! I'm exhausted and ready for my nap before tackling laundry :)


Erika said...

You should have posted pics of these yummy loaves! I love zucchini bread and finally found a really great recipe last year, but I think I lost it. So I might ask you for yours!

Lisa said...

Yes - post the recipe!