Monday, September 15, 2008

How do I always do it to myself?

So our oldest child is only 5, starting his kindergarten year of school at home, and I feel the need to provide him with educational opportunities above and beyond what the school system provides, because we can. That's one of the flexibility perks of homeschooling. However, I seem to take things way beyond what they really need to most everything I do. Then I begin to feel overwhelmed, worn-down and burnt out.

So here's what I've done. I've offerred to head up a Jr. First Lego League for six kids ages 6-9. I've offered to head up (not teach, but organize) a dinosaur class for 5 weeks where the we visit the National Zoo (to look for animals that resemble dinosaurs), the Museum of Natural History bone hall and dinosaur hall, and go on several digs. The idea is that the teacher is presenting how scientists “reasoned” their way to the concept of a dinosaur... what information we have and what we’re lacking. On top of these things, we have weekly swim lessons, regular school at home, involved calling at church...oh and yes, a new baby on the way.

Me, who has a history of bed rest and preterm delivery, feels compelled to add on these extras as if I can take on the world and never slow down. Why can't I see what I'm getting myself into before jumping in? Do I ever truly learn my lesson? It appears the answer is, "No.

I decided to put a calendar on my refrigerator to help keep me organized. As I put it on the fridge this afternoon I began writing in this week's plans...FULL already! Everyday there is at least one major soiree and most days there is a Dr appt. or swim lesson thrown in to the mix, as well. My husband, as supportive and wonderful as he is, just chuckled and shook his head when he heard I'd have 13+ kids and 5-6 parents here on Thursday and then Friday I'll be hosting a luncheon for 6 of my friends and 9 kids. Thank goodness my sister-in-law provided me with a wonderful bread recipe that my family has been loving so I can easily make bread sticks and cinnamon rolls all at once for our luncheon.

It all comes together and I'll crash by the weekend, but we'll have a fun yet wild week...wait, it's only Monday...YIKES!

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