Thursday, September 11, 2008

School days...mostly a haze

I struggle to be organized, which is why I try so hard to always have a plan. I don't deal well with stress or sudden change; this usually ends in someone getting yelled at for no good reason, then I feel guilty and have to apologize and it's just a sad cycle that doesn't need to happen.

I'm very excited about homeschooling and look forward to all the fun things we have planned for the rest of this semester, but I have just realized I have to be VERY flexible because something always comes up.

For example, this morning Lillee woke up late (this NEVER happens) and I knew something was wrong. Sure enough, she's sick. She has a croupy cough and sore throat so we headed to the Dr first thing this morning and it threw off the whole day. We were having our air ducts cleaned today while the Dr appt was going on, but fortunately my husband had a flexible schedule today and came home for a bit while I had to run out. We played tag and he headed back to work while I made lunch and got the kids down for quiet time (the most blessed time of the day!!! The older kids watch a movie while Isabel naps and most days I nap, too). Well, today Isabel couldn't nap because the vacuum for the air duct cleaning was so loud so we all had quiet time. I enjoyed some snuggles with sick Lillee and grabbed a few seconds of shut eye while Barbie was dancing on the TV. I had to cancel my 12:30pm meeting because things were just too crazy to have a meeting while the vacuum was going, all three kids were up and the TV was on. So that was pushed back until 4:00pm. Fortunately, Al wrapped up early at work and was able to run to the store to get Popsicles for Lillee and then get home in time for me to get a 1.5 hour nap before my meeting (I know, I've got a good man).

I was able to get through my meeting, but this left dinner on Al's shoulders so the kids had some macaroni and cheese then went for milkshakes (Lillee's throat was the excuse, but who doesn't love an excuse for milkshakes). Which lead to bath time and then I broke our regular routine, put on a movie to wind the kids down before bed.

So with all we had going on today, which should have been a school day, did not result in much school. We did research the Woolly Bear Caterpillar we found on our nature walk yesterday and discussed his care through the winter as we put together a habitat for him. And we did a fun story telling exercise where the kids get three random cards with pictures on them and then have to make up a story using the three elements. But this has been typical the past week or two. Every day something comes up and we don't complete our full routine. I know Connor's getting more in our partial routine than he would get in a full day of kindergarten, but I have such good intentions...I just can't always follow through all the way.

In the past, I would have skipped my nap and used that 1.5 hours to accomplish more but I'm finding that I really need that nap each day. When does life slow down? Wait, I really don't want it to slow down...I love my life, I'm just overwhelmed some too??? PHEW! I know I'm not alone, I just need to whine sometimes :)

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