Thursday, September 25, 2008

It's official, he's a big boy now

In August, when we visited the dentist, we were warned that Connor had 4 loose teeth right in front. We've discussed losing teeth and what will happen, how it won't hurt and the tooth fairy, of course.

On the way to swim lessons on Wednesday, Connor was eating an apple when he exclaimed about his tooth being loose. Now he's been wiggling it for 2 months saying how it was loose so I was not shocked by his announcement. When he opened his mouth I saw a bit of blood around the tooth and realized he'd given it a good jar with the apple bite and sure enough, it was really loose.

For the past 24 hours Connor has not stopped wiggling that darn tooth. Here he is showing off his loose tooth.

We've attempted yanking it with fingers, but haven't put forth a lot of effort to really pull it out. At dinner tonight, Connor was having some cooked baby carrots when he started giggling and laughing and pointing at his mouth in a very excited manner. He stuck his tongue between two lower teeth and was thrilled that the tooth was out!

The excitement quickly faded when I asked where the tooth did not appear to be floating around his mouth, it had not fallen out on his chair, it was no where to be seen. You guessed it...he swallowed his first tooth. The tears began to flow quite freely as he realized he had no evidence to present to the tooth fairy.

Boy, did Al and I have to think quick how to resolve this problem. Al thought he'd be slick and grab a piece of cauliflower (our other dinner veggie tonight) and pretend to fish around in Connor's mouth and pull out a pretend tooth. He guarded the cauliflower carefully so Connor could not inspect it too thoroughly. I pointed out this was not a good plan by spelling the word T-R-U-T-H to Al. He shrugged, agreed and waited for me to have a brilliant idea since he'd already presented his own.

I explained to Connor that we could write the tooth fairy a letter and Al offered to take a picture for evidence I liked my plan sooo much better!

We just finished the letter to the tooth fairy and Connor explained in great detail how he was eating a carrot, swallowed the tooth and he hopes the tooth fairy gives him "some cents." Al & I laughed heartily as we both interpreted it as "some sense."

Well, we were sad that the first lost tooth of our first born child will be gone forever...but nothing with Connor (or any of our children, for that matter) ever proves to be normal.

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