Thursday, November 6, 2008

My crafty side

I have never felt like a crafty person; while growing up I remember wanting to make things, but I never felt equipped to do so. My husband lovingly mocks me when I claim I cannot make anything. I do not make cards, do scrap booking, nor anything along the lines of sewing or quilting. My husband even purchased me a TON of scrapping software and printable papers when our 1st child was born...he was so hopeful. I shot it all down quickly, though. I explained this was not my cup of tea and put an end to the years of feeling the pressure to lovingly and beautifully preserve our lives in binders while knowing there was not a chance I would ever enjoy doing it.

HOWEVER! Five years ago I joined the church on Sept 27th and attended my first Super Saturday event one month later and vowed I'd learn a usable craft and overcome my feelings of being a craft-inept Mormon girl. If I could not scrap, sew or quilt I was going to be a useful one way or the other. You can see how skewed my views were at baptism, these crazy misconceptions do not still hold true today. I have embraced Molly Mormon and accepted that I'll never fit into her many shoes...I'll never make funeral potatoes nor store wheat under my mattress.

Well, learn a craft, I did! I was taught to crohook, which is a form of crocheting and I could make scarfs and blankets. I did not learn how to crohook in the class, though. I thought I figured it out, but then when I went home I could not recreate the steps. So I sat up late one night (3am late!) until I figured out a way to make crohooking work for me. I did not use a traditional method, but it was mine. I made beautiful, cozy scarfs for everyone in my family the following year. I made blankets for my kids and friends who were having babies. Then the newness wore off or I just had no time with 3 kids 3 years and under so I put all my yarn away in a storage container and have rarely touched it since.

HOWEVER! The yarn storage has been resurrected! A friend of mine (THANKS Sherry!) showed me a fabulous loom system called Knifty Knitter. Now, I'm sure you Michael's and AC Moore addicts are shaking your heads and thinking, "Hello, what rock has this girl been under?" But I don't get to shop often. Taking 3 screaming kids into a craft store makes for a really explosive situation. But I did it, after seeing this loom I took all 3 kids to Michael's in search of the Knifty Knitter; I only braved it because my husband was in tow. After acquiring this amazing loom I sat down one night when I couldn't sleep and decided to give it a whirl. Look what I made!!!

This is for baby Chase, our soon to arrive baby boy. I was hooked, I could not stop myself from diving into the next hat. Last year I made a scarf for Connor by crohooking and had some left over yarn. So I decided to make a matching hat.

My husband was so impressed (read: jealous) he insisted on a hat just like Connor's.

Then I got really crazy and took all 3 kids by myself to Michael's so my girls could pick out their own yarn for hats. BAD idea...this resulted in all three kids sitting on the floor in the middle of the aisle while I gave them a stern lecture on manners in public. But I'm happy with the results of the yarn they chose.
Lillee's Hat

Isabel's Hat

So for a pregnant momma put on bed rest in her 31st week of pregnancy, I found the perfect time-consuming task that I'll never have a free moment for after the baby comes. The plan is to hit the craft store for stocking up on yarn once a week when I have my many OB appts and spend the rest of the week with my butt planted on the sofa, my feet propped up high and crank away on hats and scarves.

EDITED: Now that my models are awake I was able to get pics of each hat on it's owner

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