Friday, November 14, 2008

Pajama Friday!

You know how some public schools have themes for each day of the week during homecoming? Since we've had more relaxed school days lately we have not been diligent about some chores, getting dressed, staying on schedule. We had Pajama Friday, today. It was nearly noon before everyone was out of their pajamas and I'm still in mine :)

Al was feeling extraordinarily energized and free from completing the bedroom project so he decided to do a craft project with the kids and it just kept ballooning.

The idea began with making rubber band guitars from cardboard boxes. The kids decorated their boxes while Al worked on getting the strings/rubber bands just right.

Connor made a banjo from the box that came with a Wiimote.

Lillee's was the first completed and she was ready to move on to another project, but Connor and Isabel still didn't have guitars. So I quickly jumped in with a drum making idea. I grabbed the plastic wrap and different sized bowls, buckets and cups from around the house.

We tested the different sounds from each drum and of course discussed sound vibrations and how to obtain deeper sounds.

Then the kids piled on the floor and began playing their insturments

We then added a cymbal (aka the lid to my dutch oven)

The music was wild, just like the kids so Isabel added her war paint to get in the real spirit of the tribal beats resonating from our living room.


Siana Burgess said...

I think it is pretty cool when a family can get together and do things like create musical instruments. And better yet play on them together and even get into character and become hard rockers with face paint (KISS) LOLOL Your daughter just needs to stick her tongue out and she's a Rock Star! :D

By the way... You are tagged! :D One of my friends tagged me and asked me to tag six other people. Hello! I don't know six bloggers LOLOL then I thought of you. I hope you will participate. The instructions are posted on my blog.

Anyways... :D I am enjoying your family blog and your cooking blog is way cool too. The recipes sound divine. I definitely want to try some of them. Hope you have a good week.


SWIRL said...

I love pajama friday! Especially when on bedrest... every day feels like Pajama day.

The gal who won your cute hat- hasn't contacted me with her mailing info...
I don't know what to say..

Oh- also:
I was looking at "what you have to offer" in your etsy site.. and I'm interested in the adorable cubby baby with pink hat.
TOO cute!
You gals with your girls-- show offs!
Love you