Friday, November 28, 2008


I've not felt up to posting anything new this past's been a hard week. My blood pressure is going up and down, my husband is reaching panic mode (which usually happens towards the end of my pregnancies as he hates not being able to control or help the situation) and we were preparing for family to come in for Thanksgiving.

So I felt it was time for an update. We're still hanging in there! Baby Chase is staying healthy and happy in the womb and my body is slower to evict him than my other pregnancies. So no complaints there...except, I think my mother-in-law, Jane, is tiring of caring for 3 young and very active kids; she's been helping so much for the past 5 weeks that I've been on bed rest.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and visit with family. We had our first pie night (only pies for dinner the night before Thanksgiving) and it was a huge success. However, what a lot of work...after everyone left and clean-up began, it sort of felt like Thanksgiving drug out for 2 days instead of one.

I had to go in for some blood work on Wednesday afternoon and my blood pressure was really high so I ended up being sent to the hospital for evaluation....I was NOT happy about missing pie night. Once I was at the hospital, my blood pressure dropped, my blood work came back fine so I was sent home just in time to have some pie and visit with everyone :)

While at the hospital, I discovered that I'm scheduled for induction on December 3rd so as long as I can keep my blood pressure in check for 5 more days then we'll have a baby on December 3rd! Baby Chase will be 36 weeks 1 day, which will be my longest pregnancy!

My parents are in town for the weekend, but have to leave on Monday so they'll unfortunately miss the birth by 2 days and won't be able to see the baby until Christmas.

We're going to have a birthday 3 weeks before Christmas, Lillee's birthday is 2 weeks before Christmas, we'll celebrate Christmas, Connor's birthday is 2 weeks after Christmas and then Isabel's birthday is one month later. We're going to be officially broke from Thanksgiving until February, every year!

Well, that should be enough rambling for now. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and hopefully we'll have some happy baby news to share, soon!


Erika said...

I've been wondering about you. Looks like he'll be a December baby, not November, so that's great. I'm glad you got to enjoy Thanksgiving with your family.

Ryan said...

Good luck with everything! I'm excited to hear all about baby Chase.

SWIRL said...

keep that bun in the oven!
So glad you are doing well

Emily said...

Can't wait to meet baby Chase! Hope everything goes well.

Siana Burgess said...

Aloha Amanda! :) I was totally cracking up at the end of your post. I can so visualize being broke from Thanksgiving to February. I don't even have kids who have birthdays during those months, but it feels like I am forever broke during this time of the year LOLOL. I totally love the idea of "pie night." Where did that come from? Pretty cool. What kinds of pies? LOLOL I am drooling thinking about it LOLOL I hope and pray all goes well with you this Wednesday. Congratulations on your longest pregnancy! :) Enjoy today cause tomorrow you will be busy! LOL

Amanda said...


This year, my brother-in-law and family had to leave Thanksgiving day to head home and was not going to be able to have a meal with us. So his sister suggested pie night since pie is her favorite part of Thanksgiving. Hence, pie night was born :)

We had mincemeat, 2 apple, cherry/cranberry, 2 pumpkin, blueberry/blackberry/cherry, pecan, and 3 quiche (hope I didn't miss any, there was a lot of pie...we still have pie in the fridge!)

Crystal Larrimore said...

The birthdays sound like us. Jonathan at Thanksgiving, Sean right after Christmas, and then the twins in January. We always have fun coming up with gifts and money.