Saturday, November 8, 2008

My dear, sweet, thoughtful and talented husband

I have had a few posts on how wonderful my husband is and how much I love him for being so good to me, but he really topped himself today. If you've read my blog recently I've complained a bit about being bed rest and how boring and miserable it can be; I'm not completely knocking it because there is a small part of me that is enjoying not jumping up 100 times an hour to wipe bottoms, clean noses, get water, change someones get the picture.

I do sort of feel bad for my husband, though. He's trying to complete a remodeling project in our bedroom to get ready for the baby, as well as organize a lot of our clutter. He's also helping get Connor to swim lessons, geography class and other miscellaneous appts we have. All while trying to work, take care of kids, listening to me grumble about the house being dirty, no clean clothes upstairs, Lillee needs a drink, Isabel has a stinky diaper, Connor needs some attention. He's a patient and loving husband.

Today Al had really hoped for a chance to work on the bedroom and finish the walls so we can paint soon. I insisted it was not a good day as I needed to rest a LOT due to fluid retention and numb arms and hands. I could not be responsible for the kids while he worked around the house. This did not go over well, but he accepted my request, did not get (too) angry and helped out a ton.

Around 2:00pm today I got a taste for pastry, sweet and spicy. I was thinking cinnamon bread from Great Harvest but I'm such a thrifty person I'd never spend money on it. So I asked my husband to make cinnamon rolls...thinking, "It's a long shot." To my surprise, he agreed and made 3 pans of cinnamon rolls completely by himself. They were delicious, hit the spot and I knew what it was like to eat food made with love! I've not had food made with that much love since I was in college and my mom would make me my favorite foods every time I came home for a visit.

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erinmalia said...

hey amanda...if you need help with rides or anything for the kiddos, remember i'm at home 3 of 5 days a week. i'd love to help out.

or if you're crazing something else that al isn't so amenable to making, i'd love to do that for you too.