Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The lazy days of summer

So don't expect much from me this summer....

I'm happy that school is complete for our first year of homeschooling. However, we are jumping back on the school bus in July. I liked taking the month of December off and ending the school year right around the time the weather was getting nice. We spent all day every day outside enjoying the gorgeous weather. By this time next month it will be miserably hot and buggy and we won't want to be out so it is the perfect time to start school again.

Until then, I plan to spend as much time as possible lounging (yeah right! not with 4 young kids) at the pool and putting together my lesson plans for the upcoming semester.

I warned my husband....

I announced, "Honey, at least 3 days a week don't expect clean clothes, dinner nor a clean house because I'm going to be at the pool."

He didn't know what to say so I reinforced that there was a reason he would be sacrificing....so his kids could learn to swim! He replied with, "Hmmmm, how bad do I really want the kids to know how to swim?"
So far so good, we spent Monday at the pool and I provided a nice crock pot dinner ready and waiting for my honey before he left for class (I even made the rice before leaving for the pool so dinner was complete he just had to scoop and eat!). So there, I had dinner for him even though I told him not to expect it. I've found if you tell people the worst case scenario and then come through with better circumstances then they are thrilled even though the standards are still lowered :)

We skipped the pool on Tuesday and I got lots of laundry done, mopped the floors and cleaned part of the bathroom (I know it is small, but there is only so much I can do when the baby is screaming at me).

Hit the pool again for Wednesday and still managed to get home to have piano lessons, make corned beef and cabbage for dinner and welcome my honey home with a smile and open arms.

All my projects are on hold and I'm taking in the rays....see you when it rains :)

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erinmalia said...

i love the bit about telling people to expect the worse and then they'll always be pleasantly surprised! i've used that tactic plenty of times, with great results!