Sunday, June 14, 2009

Our baby birds

3 blue catbird eggs turned into 3 teeny, tiny baby birds

They're kind of cute in an ugly sort of way

This is what happens when mama bird realizes you're reaching into the bush, she comes down from the telephone lines and dive bombs your head, scaring you senseless and causing you to ruin the shot.

The birds are one day older in this shot, you can see one opening it's eye a bit.

Here is the upset mama bird flying all about trying to make it known that she's watching you.

I now understand the phrase ruffled feathers. You can see her feathers are a bit ruffled.


Andrea said...

So cute! When I lived at my parents house, we had a sparrow's nest just above the front door. The momma had babies and they were teeny and cute, but she was vicious! She would swoop so close to our heads anytime we'd use the front door. It was frightening.

Emily said...

That looks like a catbird to me! I looked it up and they have blue eggs, too

Very very cool!