Sunday, June 14, 2009

Our lovely french door

This is a shot of the window in the family room where the kids and I spend most of our day. We school here, play here, dine here, watch movies here....we spend a lot of time in this dark, wood-paneled room.

It is time to replace the window and we decided to replace it with a french door instead of another window. So the following pictures are the progress of installing the french door. Al had to do all of this in less than one week while the kids and I were out of town.

A BIG hole in the side of the house!

Outside view of the BIG hole.

Ahhh, hole is now filled. And under the paneling is DRYWALL!!! No more paneling!!!

Al finished the drywall, added in a couple of new electrical outlets and a switch for outdoor lights on either side of the door.

VIOLA!!! A happy cheery room complete with crown moulding. The doors have shades built into them...between the two panes of glass are shades and the mechanisms for opening and lifting them are on the door, but no strings for the kids to get caught in or any way for the kids to break them. Look how bright the wall is now and this picture was taken at night!

Scroll back to the top of this post....see the difference....I am so thrilled with the new look!


erinmalia said...

i was so hoping you'd post this! it looks awesome. how lucky you are to have such a handy husband.

Andrea said...

That looks great!! Go Al!
PS- I love before and after pictures!