Monday, February 23, 2009


There's this tagging event going on in my blogosphere so I'm jumping on the bandwagon. Mostly because I was curious to see what photo was in the specified spot so here are the rules:

1. go to your photo file, count the 6th file
2. find the 6th picture within the 6th file
3. describe it, then tag 6 friends

This is my Lillee Bean at 8 days old. She weighed a whopping 4.5lbs when this picture was taken. She was so tiny and slept like this all the time. She was the quietest baby...hmmmm, now she's the most talkative child, she must have been saving up LOL
I'm not very good at tagging people as I don't want others to feel they have to participate. But if you decide you want to and you wish to share your photo, leave a comment so I can go check out your 6X6X6.

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Emily said...

Cute! Funny how she still looks like Lillee, even though she is so tiny