Monday, February 16, 2009

I'm so excited!

I received a sewing machine for Christmas so I've been trying to learn the fine art of sewing. My mother works in upholstery furniture and has access to some really lovely fabrics and has snagged me a few short ends to practice sewing with different textures. She brought me this beautiful striped silk that I've been wanting to make something with but could not figure out what to use it for.

Two days ago, Lillee said she wanted a hat like Pig's chef hat in Word World. So I found a pattern and started sewing. Normally when I have an idea to make something for the kids or other family members I never get around to making one for me. When I learned to crochet, I made scarfs for everyone....but me. When I learned to knit, I made hats for everyone....but me. This time I started with one for me and then I'll make them for the kids :)

So here is my lovely creation!!!


erinmalia said...

way to go! now you just need a stylish apron to match.

Erika said...

Lovely! Now you have to wear it EVERY time you cook.