Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine Party

We had a Valentine party on Thursday! We spent the day making treats, preparing a fun craft and of course cleaning house.

Here are some photos, thanks to my photography crew (aka Connor):

making candy treats

finished treats - mini pretzels, hershey kisses & conversational hearts

My kitchen staff

Isabel hard at work on the sugar cookies

Lillee's turn to help with the cookies

This was Chase's contribution and boy was he helpful!!!

Isabel giving a taste test to all our treats....mmmmm, cookie dough!
The finished product!
One photo you won't see here is the one Connor took of my backside. Last time he was doing food blog documentary photos for me he took a picture of my backside and laughed hysterically about it. This time I had no idea he had taken it until I unloaded the pictures...then I laughed hysterically. Then I became sad to see how big it's gotten...I want to get rid of all this extra baby weight!!!!! Hmmm maybe making all these cookies and candies isn't helping.

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erinmalia said...

so funny about those pretzels: my mom sent me an email yesterday with them, but she used m&ms in place of the conversation hearts. looks fun.