Monday, February 9, 2009

The Cake

Each year I try to make a special cake for each of the kids on their birthday. Last year Isabel wanted Elmo and I made an adorable Elmo cake!

This year all Isabel could talk about was wanting a pony cake. She loves to play with My Little Pony toys so I had her choose her favorite My Little Pony and made a cake to resemble it. Here are some pictures from her Pony Cake presentation.


Erika said...

You can tell she just loves it! Very cute, Amanda.

Ryan said...

So cute! Beautiful my little pony eyes and everything!

SWIRL said...

what a wonderful job!
this would cause me huge stress each birthday--- you obviously have a gift!

Yes- the comment you made about computers... I know! I wouldn't have known.. how much professors really think that is basic school supplies! (most of the students here are international- not from rich families... so I was really suprised! If that is the expectation HERE.. that must be pretty common.)