Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bel's Big Date

Poor Isabel always get left behind. She's by far the hardest to take places...she can't buckle her own car seat like the older kids, she melts down quicker than the older kids, she squeals at the highest pitch you've ever heard and she's in between being potty trained so you never know when she's going to ask to go potty and I hate to say, "Just use your diaper!"
Since we have 4 kids now, it's important for Al and I to take at least one kid any time we leave the house. We almost always want to take Connor. Chase is easy to take if it's not too cold out. Lillee is difficult, but usually not as difficult as Bel. So Bel is at home more than anyone else in our house.
Jane and I were headed to the grocery this morning and I decided to take Lillee - Bel, of course, asked to go. Al promised to take Bel on a date tonight instead of going to the grocery with me. She was ecstatic! All day she's talked about her date with Daddy. So when Al came home from work today he got a shower and got all cleaned up and Isabel wanted to do the same. So she hopped in the shower and scrubbed up. As I was getting her out of the shower and drying her off she was telling me how her baby (her water babies doll) wanted to go and I needed dry her baby, too. As Isabel put on her dress and boots she stated that her baby had no clothes and boots to wear on her date with Daddy.
I dried her hair (it is COLD outside) and she kept talking about her date with is a special evening for Bel and she feels so important going on a date with Daddy.


Erika said...

So cute! My boys like to go on dates with Mommy too.

erinmalia said...

well, where did they go?!

Daniel said...

I also would like to know where they went. I just might go mad if I don't find out soon.

Mom/Alisa said...

How sweet! What a wonderful Daddy!

Amanda said...

I posted this entry shortly after they left, I didn't even know where they were going...I'll make another post with the location and a picture :)