Thursday, February 19, 2009

Great Backyard Bird Count

This year the kids participated in the Great Backyard Bird Count. The first step was to provide a place for the birds to come to. Considering it's cold outside and we can't plant inviting flowers we made bird feeders from pinecones, peanut butter and birdseeds.

Slather on some peanut butter, directly to the pine cone.

Roll in bird seed

And viola, a birdfeeder.

I was surprised how quickly the kids tired of this activity so we headed outside with 5 rolled pinecones to hang from the tree. I strung them up while Connor ran around the yard snapping pictures.

Here is a great shot that Connor snagged of Lillee...he's not too bad behind the lens.

Since it was so cold and windy we waited inside and watched out the window.

We waited for the birds to come....

And we waited....

And we waited....

For 2 full days, not a single bird. But we fed a couple of lucky squirrels and those rascals ripped our pinecones right off the tree. So now we have 5 strings blowing in the wind and still not a single bird to be seen. We had nothing to report to the Great Backyard Bird Count, but we tried.

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Mom/Alisa said...

What a cool activity to do with your kids. You're such a good mom! Those pesky squirrels always figure out how to get to the bird feeders. That is a great picture Conner took - I'm impressed.