Friday, February 6, 2009

Pretty, Pretty Princess

Isabel's birthday is tomorrow, February 7th. On her birthday she has been invited to a princess dress-up tea party. My parents bought Isabel a beautiful Belle gown for her birthday so we decided to open it early so she could wear her new gown to the tea party.

There were so many gorgeous pictures I couldn't decide which ones to post so here are a few from Isabel opening her package and putting the dress on for the first time.

However, as much as I enjoy seeing Isabel so beautiful and fru-fru this dress has put me in a pickle with Lillee. She has been asking for a Princess Sleeping Beauty dress for a month or two and I had planned on trying to make her one. Now I'm really going to have to order that pattern and get to the fabric store. Thanks Mom :P

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Mom/Alisa said...

How fun! I miss the "girly fru-fru" stuff. Enjoy!!